Imagine doing a Q&A (Question and Answer) routine that is completely credible, emotional and deep.
Imagine doing this WITHOUT nothing written down
Imagine also that this is SIMPLE to do (no complicated procedures or special props)

Welcome to "Spanish Oracle"

In this routine, you will ask participant to just THINK a question about his future, and thanks to your knowledge and abilities as performer, you will create not just an entertaining and memorable experience, but a deep impression for the rest of their lives.

In the video lesson you will learn also the "Casual Spanish Stack" which allows you to do this routine and many others.

You just need a Spanish Deck of cards (no billets or pens)
You can use as many participants as you want
No Dual Reality
No Stooges
Amazing opportunities of psychic entertainment

I offer you the "Spanish Oracle" Video Lesson, a handmade aged Spanish Deck ready to use PLUS a MultiVelvet Bag to carry the deck just for $45 with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

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